The number of hanging ropes and hanging particles

The number of hanging ropes and hanging particles is required for the tag quantity. Why? The reason is that 80% of the time, they will use 1 or 2 processes. give everyone.. We all know that whether it is custom-made electronic products or other packaging industries, mechanization can save far more money than manual, especially when the amount is large, the high labor cost of labor is particularly obvious, so this In the process, the tag hanging rope is a very important part of the tag. If you choose PVC material for the production of a tag, you can top the price of several cards.A few days ago, the packaging factory introduced a lot of small knowledge about the customization of electronic products and the choice of PVC tags. In addition to the custom-made electronic products, leather box factory there are other tags.

Medium weight is enough, because the surface of the paper is used to react with the ink. Paper selection.In this age of paying attention to appearance, packaging factories are really seeing fewer and fewer friends who only use physical processes to make packaging boxes. In case the selected paper is relatively weak, it is easy to penetrate and damage the inner material during the printing of the ink. This is related to the cost of printing.

I hope it can help everyone who wants to find a carton packaging factory partner. When choosing paper, many friends will choose a few cheaper papers from electronic product box manufacturers or in order to pursue the target price, choose a paper with a lower level of g / sm, and the problem will naturally arise.

The lighter is the ghosting and discoloration. Does it matter, of course! It is also very large. The above 3 points are the common ways to save printing costs for electronic product packaging box manufacturers. Basically, very thick paper is not used in the process of packaging carton customization, so remember to choose the weight of paper as much as possible. Then the price of monochrome spot color printing is actually cheaper than ordinary four-color printing, but once the spot color reaches two, the price will be the same as that of four-color printing, so the designer brother and younger sister must Pay attention to the right dimensions, and don’t forget the practical possibility on the road of art. One of the quality issues, in order to avoid this, the selection of paper must be careful

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